.40 Caliber Paintball Gun

40 cal. Paintball Pistol

     Semi auto .40 caliber paintball pistol. FEATURES: All metal upper end body and metal internals, Colors: Silver, Blue and Purple. Adjustable velocity control, On frame safety, Sure grips for stableness and angled for comfort.

      More Efficient better Accuracy more Compact than a .68 caliber paintball pistol. Fires up to 100 + .40 caliber paintballs, or Extreme Precision Power-Balls for precision target competition per (1) CO2 powerlet. No large CO2 tanks to buy and refill. Does not freeze up when the game is hot and heavy, like its .68 caliber counterparts. Its sleek design, lightweight and compact size makes this an excellent paintball gun on the field, or just plain fun! Includes 250 round hopper.

    .40 caliber paintballs for this pistol are under category: .40 cal. Paintballs & Accessories.

ACTION: CO2 powered semi automatic

CALIBER: .40 caliber

AMMO: .40 caliber Paintballs, or Extreme Precision balanced hard-rounds, Scientific Power Balls for Precision Target Competition

CONSTRUCTION: 1:1 Scale: Full Metal body and metal internals

BARREL: Smooth bore Full length aluminum barrel for Extreme Accuracy

POWER SOURCE: Standard 12 Gram CO2 Powerlet (No tanks to buy & refill) !

CAPACITY: 250 rounds, standard hopper (included) - Optional slim line Extreme .40 caliber inline Mag-Clips available for precise ball drop for competitive targeting

GRIP: Molded checkered

SAFETY: Crossbolt trigger block


WEIGHT: 1 3/4 lb.

COLORS: Silver, Blue and Purple