Assembly configuration for models Elite & Black Widow blowguns:


First become familiar with your blowgun, from left to right is the mouth piece. The next part in line is the 2" foam grip after that starts the quiver assembly.

The first quiver in line is the 16 point quiver The target darts push through the quiver.

This quiver holds the Target Darts Dart configuration = 16 TD (Black Widow) or 12 TD (Elite).

It is followed by a dart guard. The dart guard covers the dart edge

The next four quivers in line are the Q10 quivers The Q10 quivers are a side mount quiver and are used in pairs. They are followed by a dart guard.

The Q10's hold 10 Spearhead darts, Dart configuration = 20 SPD (Black Widow) or 10 SPD & 10 BHD (Elite).

or 10 Broadhead darts                        

The next and last quiver in line is the Q8 quiver

The Q8 quiver holds the 8 Stunner Darts           

All of our Elite and Black Widow blowgun models come with quivers, dart guards, grips and sling assembled. Simply attach the darts and your assembly is complete.

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